What about us


■Tour's HIROSHIMA is a company of LAND OPERATOR in Japan

                  Arrange the Hotel and Ryokan

Arrange the Sightseeing spots


 Arrange the Ferry and Bus

We have planned many tours to domestic travel agencies and arranged for 20 years in Hiroshima.
From now on, we aim to expand our share to overseas travel agencies.
We'd like foreign tourists to stay and enjoy in Hirosihima and Setouchi Islands more!
We can arrange not only Hiroshima spots but also all over Japan.Please contact us for anything!

■Luggage storage and delivery service


Luggage storage

Luggage delivery service

Why don't you go sightseeing in Hiroshima empty hands?
Tours Hiroshima is a 4-minute walk from Hiroshima Station.
We offer luggage storage and delivery service.
We can hold on to your luggage for 500 yen per luggage, regardless of size or capacity.
We also offer a delivery service to your hotel for 1,000 yen per luggage if you are staying overnight, so you can enjoy sightseeing in Hiroshima to the fullest and then check in directly at your reserved hotel.
(Luggage can be checked in from 9:00 AM to 18:00 PM.)
Please leave your souvenirs and luggage and enjoy sightseeing in Hiroshima with stress-free!


■Hiroshima Memories "Japanese Hospitality Experience"

Tourist Recommendations

Easy to use

Easy to Post

No registration required! Anyone can asess and post!
You can discover "sightseeing spots and gourmet foods recommended by foreign tourists.
Also, by posting your memories, you will be able to introduce sightseeing recommendations to the next foreign tourists who will come to Japan.
Now you can easily experience the "hospitality" of Japanese culture!
Please give it a try!


■Hiroshima-City Share Cycle "PEACECLE"

It is a very convenient rental bicycle system that you can rent and return freely in Hiroshima-City 50 cycle ports.
Furthermore, as this bicycle is ELECTRIC type, it is very convenient and easy to move.
Many foreign tourists are extremely pleased.Please use when you come to Hiroshima-City.
Please check the Web-site.




Our office is located 6mins on foot from Hiroshima station south entrance. 
It's also as a tourist information in Hiroshima-City, we can provide Free Wi-Fi,restroom and rest space.
In addition,you can rent the electric bicycle and leave the baggage temporarily here.

  Tour's HIROSHIMA Co.,Ltd.


   SS Bldg 2-29 Kyobashi-cho,Minami-ku,





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